12 October 2017

Green-gold leaves

Hi everyone!

What is a girl to do when her significant other has received a brand new pc game and has been playing it for two days straight? (yep, he actually took time off to play it...) Paint her nails of course! So while digital villains were slain and the most horrible sounds blurted from the speakers on my left, I sat down to play with pretty colors and patterns. This is the result (of the playing, not the slaying):

10 October 2017

Purple and mauve skittlette

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to show you what is on my nails today, sneakily blogged while waiting for software to finish installing (which usually takes about 20 minutes in total, with me clicking a <Next> button every now and then). I chose more season appropriate colors but honest, I can't help myself! I love the darker, dustier colors that come with fall and they're a perfect antidote for the gray and dreary weather outside. So no more waiting, here's some color to cheer up your day:

07 October 2017

Birthday blues

Hi everyone!

Last weekend my eldest niece celebrated her 13th birthday (OMG... 13?! It seems like yesterday when she was a baby and now she's getting close to my height, what made time pass so fast?) so of course I had to do special nails for her party. As she (and her younger sister) have the bluest eyes I've ever seen in anyone I decided to go for a blue skittlette: