24 November 2017

Friday Triad: inspired by @ane_li

Hi everyone!

By now you've probably noticed my presence has been less than usual. I won't bore you with the details but the flu turned out to be something a lot nastier and I'm still recovering. But of course I couldn't let the last Friday of the month pass without an attempt at a manicure, especially since I picked the inspiration for November: a pretty manicure by @ane_li. Here's my version:

I already knew I wanted to use more fall appropriate colors but in the end my nails turned out completely different than my vision. If you want to know what happened, please read on :)

08 November 2017

Dusty chevrons

Hi everyone!

Quick post for a manicure that was anything but quick, but that I'm really proud of. There are some techniques in nail art that I can't get the hang of so I don't use them very often. Striping tape is one of them. But since I don't have fancy stamping plates that contain straight lines and my vinyl collection is pathetic doesn't contain any chevrons or straight lines, I decided to face my nemesis again and grabbed the striping tape from the back of my drawer. It took the better part of the afternoon but I think the end result is worth it:

03 November 2017

Coral marble manicure

Hi everyone!

My last post has been a week and I haven't touched nail polish since I did the triad manicure until just now. Instead I spent my days sneezing, sniffling and generally feeling awful as the yearly flu decided to come and visit for a while... but the tip wear and chipping became too much so I dragged myself out of bed to do my nails. I wasn't really up to doing something complicated so I decided to go for marbled stamping (or is that stamped marbling?) using a pretty coral polish, and this is the result: